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By Kevin Downey
TVNewsCheck, Jan 4 2010, 9:04 AM ET

TV stations looking for a complementary digital channel now have a new option: BizTelevision, an Arlington, Texas-based personal finance network.

The diginet has been on the air since July in three markets as part of a “soft launch” and is now actively seeking affiliates in others.

“We are an attractive alternative for stations with a full 24 hours of programming and local programming and local revenue-generating opportunities,” says Justin Murff, VP-general manager, an organizational consultant new to the broadcasting business.

BizTelevision is offering affiliates a split of the ad inventory. The split is subject to negotiation, with the station’s end determined largely by its market size, says Murff.

In addition to commercial time, stations will also receive equipment for receiving the network’s satellite feed (on Galaxy 23), for inserting commercials and for multiplexing the signal.

“We also give each of our broadcast affiliates one hour a day when they can preempt programming,” says Murff. “If they want to sell their own network show or do a local business show, that’s a local option.”

The diginet’s soft launch occurred on three independently owned stations: KFLA-LP Los Angeles, KPST Seattle and WBII-LP Memphis, Tenn. BizTelevision is on the main channel of KFLA-LP and on secondary channels of KPST and WBII-LP.

The startup is getting an early boost from an association with FamilyNet, a family-friendly network that reaches 10 million homes via cable and another 18 million via 64 broadcast affiliates, all but six of which are low power.

According to Murff, under its agreement with FamilyNet, BizTelevision will provide some programming to FamilyNet and manage its broadcast affiliates. Among other things, he says, the deals enables BizTelevision to put its programming on the affiliates’ subchannels.

About 60 percent of the FamilyNet stations have the capability to carry a second signal, says Murff. BizTelevision is working with those stations to get them the necessary equipment.

FamilyNet is owned by ComStar Media, which was co-founded in 2008 by Robert A. Schuller (son of Robert H. Schuller), former host of Hour of Power, and Chris Wyatt, the CEO.

BizTelevision is principally owned by Penny Entertainment, which also operates a website that streams high school sports in Texas.

Recognizing that cable carriage of the BizTelevision affiliates in critical, Murff says that the network is cable qualified. Typically, this means that the network has a specified number of hours of original content and educational programming and a limited amount of paid programming.

BizTelevision’s programming comprises mostly simulcasts of syndicated radio shows, such as The Big Biz Show, and acquired programs. Paid programs air from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Part of its weekend lineup is set aside for financial literacy programs geared to kids. Such programming is required by the FCC.

According to Murff, AdGorilla, Denver, is handling national ad sales and distribution for the nework and NorthStar Studios, Nashville, in handling the origination and uplinking.


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