China vs. Google

Google is a shining torch burning on the field of capitalism. What started off as a funny word and search engine has become an empire. Google books preserves books that may otherwise be lost. For free. Google Chrome, fast becoming a popular web browser, is now available. For free. Google is number four on Fortune 500’s list of the best companies to work for.


Google has changed the way Americans think. Have you googled yourself lately? You may be surprised at what you find.

But, trouble is brewing for Google. Or, perhaps, for China.

For a time, Google was happy to comply with the strict regulations of the Chinese government. They are a company operating within China, after all. All seemed to be going fine. Google sought a balance with China to offer service while still complying with Chinese demands.

In January, Google detected a cyber attack originating from China in an attempt to hack the e-mail accounts of human rights activists.

Google was not pleased.

Google threatened to exit the country.  China has issued a stern warning to Google that they must comply with their censorship laws.  China’s censorship laws filter out any news stories from the outside. China is behaving just like a typical totalitarian government. But, in the age of the Internet, can they really keep information from the people?

All that is required of China is to no longer allow Google to operate in China. In America, the absence of Google would be a terrible blow to our Internet interaction, but, perhaps, not so much in China. Google is not the most popular search engine in China.

The Cold War is back. Google finds itself on the brink of a war of ideals. Is it this company’s duty to carry capitalism’s flag?

Most importantly, Google would fight a fight that only Google can. Google is that company, that started out as a small idea and flourished into a giant of industry. Google is fighting for freedom of information. Google has become a beacon of hope, a symbol of freedom.

You go, Google.


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