Retail Sales Rise

Even the forces of nature can’t take down the economy. Americans braved the elements, fought the snow, plowed through the roads to go…shopping.

Data shows that sales, excluding auto, rose .8 percent over February.  Though the projected number varied, it seems as though .8 percent was much higher than everyone expected. Several different hypotheses attempt to explain why this occurred. Perhaps it reflects economic recovery or perhaps more men were in the doghouse for Valentine’s Day.

Even better news, fewer jobs were lost in the month of February than in previous months. Retail stores tend to hire more employees during the spring. One can only hope the trend will continue as spring is upon us.

Keep in mind, Daylight Saving Time is on March 14. At 2 a.m., or when you wake up, remember to set your clock forward an hour. The US began taking part in Daylight Saving Time during World War I to take advantage of the longer sunlit hours of day. Originally intended to increase war production, now it helps us conserve energy. Keep up with your own production and see if the intention holds true.


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  1. Great Post! From what i’m seeing and feeling is that there’s a real pent up demand in the American public to start spending again. They just need enough media influences telling them it’s okay.

    Just my two cents anyway.

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