Ah, the Census. Every ten years, the United States does a head count. The US Census Bureau sends agents out to canvass neighborhoods and build an address list to mail the forms to. Why don’t they just use Google Street View?

(If you see a car like this, do something funny. It will live forever on the internet.)

This year, the Census Bureau reports that they did not deliver forms to PO Boxes and rural areas. If you’re still waiting for a census form, that may be why. Mail-in forms are due Tuesday, April 13th, so if you haven’t received your form yet, good luck.

Starting May 1st, the government will show up at your door to gather the information by hand.

What information do they ask for? Click here to see an interactive census form.

The first census took place in 1790, shortly after George Washington took office. The first result of the census raised the number of House Representatives from 65 to 105. The Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 capped the number of Representatives at 435, but the 2010 census could change the focus of where those Representatives come from.


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