iPad Breakdown

On April 3rd, the most anticipated gadget of the year, the Apple iPad, hit stores. The iPad starts at $499 for the 16GB. This comes with Wi-Fi, no 3G Wireless. Adding 3G coverage bumps the iPad up to $629, and 3G capable iPads aren’t available until late April. Apple reported they sold 300,000 iPads on the day of their release.

A study by ISuppli Corp. shows the iPad costs about $259.60 to make. The touch screen costs $95. The Samsung manufactured processor costs $26.80. The aluminum back costs $10.50. That means over 36% of the cost of manufacturing the iPad goes toward the visual/tactile interface. The iPad’s touchscreen is about twice as expensive as comparable products.

With the price of the iPad set at about double the cost, Apple will turn quite a nice profit. Of course, once you get your iPad, you’re gonna need a cover to go with it…


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