The Glory of the DVD Bin

Every once in awhile, Wal-mart or Target or any number of locations haul out a big cardboard box, throw their overstock of DVDs into it, and mark them all down to some ridiculously low price. Usually starting around $5.99, my mother told me there was nothing worthwhile in these bins.

She is wrong.

The DVD markdown bin holds a bounty of treasure. All you have to do is dig. For example, I found a copy of Space Camp. Space Camp is one of those movies that you loved when you were a kid, but when you see it as an adult, you start to wonder about yourself. How could I love a movie that was so bad? It’s a movie so bad, it’s good.

Sometimes, after a bad day, you need a bad movie to cheer you up. Or, after a good day, you need to end on a laugh.

You need to own Space Camp, but paying anything more than $5.99 for it is a crime.

The DVD bin is a societal necessity. The thrill of the hunt returns to humanity in your neighborhood super store. Bow and arrows in aisle five.

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