Microsoft Announces Kin

Microsoft has launched a phone called the Kin that appeals to the younger generation by focusing on social networking. The phone is designed to maximize the ability to connect with friends and share content. The Kin is the first phone to access Microsoft’s Zune music service, as well.

The Kin is supposed to compete with the iPhone, the Google phone, and Blackberry. The phone features a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. The home screen shows your latest events, text messages, tweets, or shared images amongst friends. The phone works with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Anything created on the phone is mirrored on the web in a timeline that is accessible through a web browser. It seems that most smartphones do that already, though.

Does the market for the Kin still exist? It seems as though more of the market is leaning toward smartphones, however, Blackberry is the leader in the business world while the iPhone is the leader amongst consumers. And, it’s not like Apple and Blackberry only have one product. They are always developing an updated product.

When buying a smartphone, one needs to consider their options. The Kin OS will integrate Bing, Zune, and Xbox Live, all Microsoft products. Maybe Google should release a video game console to catch up.


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