Ash continues causing problems

The volcanic eruption in Iceland is costing the U.S airlines $20 million dollars a day, according to Delta, with the biggest European presence, is losing $6.5 million per day. FedEx and UPS shipments are also facing delays. By the end of Sunday, 63,000 flights had been canceled across the entire continent.

Infographic on spread of Icelandic volcano ash cloud

The Royal Navy has deployed ships to Spain to bring travelers home while the Defense Ministry attempts to pinpoint which locations need the most assistance. While airplanes are on the ground, travelers are seeking boats, trains, and rental cars to make their way back home. British Airways hopes to send out some flights by Tuesday evening. The EU has encouraged flights, as anymore delay will cause problems for the economy.

When volcanic ash gets into a high temperature engine, it can melt into glass. The glass wreaks havoc on the machinery, with the threat of engine failure. A NATO F-16 flew through the cloud and reported engine trouble.

Apparently, this was the opportunity the sea travel industry was waiting for.


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