America enters a new age of Awesome

The US Air Force has launched a space craft that is now in orbit. The X37B is so secret, the Pentagon won’t say what its mission is. Or, how much it cost. The official word is that it’s an orbital test vehicle. Conjecture of the vehicle’s purpose is to launch a cluster of small satellites during a global conflict in order for the US to have the enemy under surveillance.

The X37B is unmanned. It can stay in orbit for 27o days while a normal shuttle can only stay up for 16 days. Any experiments conducted in space will be able to have a longer test time. Some countries say this will lead to the militarization of space.

There’s one more thing.

Prompt Global Strike.

It looks like the Minotaur IV, also launched this week, may have carried technology relevant to Prompt Global Strike, but it’s difficult to know for certain.

The idea behind Prompt Global Strike is an extremely accurate missile strike in less than an hour. So, all this business behind reducing a nuclear arsenal is moot because Prompt Global Strike flies to your house, knocks on the door to make sure you’re home, then blows you into tiny pieces. Or, flies down the entrance of the cave you and your terrorist buddies are hiding in.


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