Off shore well still leaking

Almost a month ago, President Obama agreed to allow more offshore drilling. Last week, an explosion rocked an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana, leaving seven people critically injured and eleven missing. The rig eventually sank beneath the surf. For day or two, it was reported that the well was not leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.

Looks like that’s not the case.

A new estimate puts it at 42,000 gallons of oil a day seeping out of the open well into the water.  If you do the math, it would take over 260 days to reach the level of the Exxon Valdez incident (the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons). The Coast Guard has measured the spill at 42 miles by 80 miles, although oil is not necessarily covering the entire area. Most of the spill is a thin sheen on the surface. They estimate 3% is crude oil.

Response ships are working on stopping the leak. The owners of the rig, British Petroleum, have dispatched engineers to build a dome around the spill to contain the spill.

Concerns are becoming more serious as the slick heads for land.


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