Facebook meets on privacy issues

Facebook has organized a company-wide meeting to discuss the privacy settings on their site. Some US senators have called for better safeguards in Facebook privacy.

The ACLU launched a petition directed at Mark Zuckerberg that specifically talks about third-party applications used in conjunction with Facebook. These apps can access user information without the consent of the user. Also, it appears as though non-Facebook websites can reproduce opinions and statements on Facebook without asking for consent from the poster.

Facebook claims that this meeting is simply a place where its employees can feel comfortable about asking questions and presenting their own concerns. The current privacy policy is longer than the US Constitution.

More and more sites are popping up to compete with Facebook, but it’s hard to fight against the original.

In the end, the individual chooses how to use Facebook. “Private internet” is an oxymoron, as it seems anything that you put on the web has the potential to get out. Regardless, expect reforms to come in social networking.


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