Pakistan blocks Facebook

The Pakistan government has blocked Facebook until May 31st due to a Facebook group.

The group is called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”, scheduled for tomorrow. Devout Muslims consider it offensive to depict Mohammed. The group is still up, no word on whether or not Facebook intends to respond.

It’s not really a place for religious discourse as the comments are summed up in a few choice four letter words. The original intent of the group was to support the South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who said Comedy Central censored their attempts to depict Mohammed in South Park.

Comedy Central claimed they were attempting to protect the writers as a website, RevolutionMuslim, started talking about Stone and Parker. RevolutionMuslim posted a picture of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh fatal stabbing, asking Parker and Stone if they remembered what happened to Van Gogh.

What is Facebook to do? Well, once May 20th passes, perhaps the group will go away. Or, maybe Facebook will have to ask Google what to do about a suppressing government.


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