Arizona immigration: economic version

The recently enacted Arizona Illegal Immigration Law, known as Senate Bill 1070, has come under quite a bit of scrutiny over the past few weeks. Boycotts of the state have been declared. Some people have canceled other vacation plans and decided it’s a good time to visit the Grand Canyon.

To hear more about the legal arguments, you can tune into any cable news station. As far as impacting the economy, a new development has arisen.

The Los Angeles city council threatened a boycott on Arizona to protest the law. Arizona has responded by offering to return the favor. Arizona power plants supply Los Angeles with 25% of its electricity. Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce wrote to the LA mayor, saying he’d be “happy to take those electrons off your hands.”

While the commission does not have the authority to cut off power, the letter served to remind LA of the ramifications of following through with their boycott. If Los Angeles is serious, they would have to seek a quarter of their power elsewhere.

Estimates say Arizona could lose $10 million to $56 million if the boycott happens.


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