Africa brewing competes with moonshine

The “informal” brewing brewing market in Africa is worth $3 billion a year. The problem is Africans risk their life and health when drinking illegal alcohol. With names like “Kill me Quick”, “The Dog that Bites”, and “Goodbye, Mum”, African moonshine doesn’t hesitate to advertise the dangerous nature of the product.

The worst case, nine years ago, 128 Kenyans died and 400 were harmed after drinking a particularly poisonous brew.

The World Health Organization says that about half of the alcohol in Africa is produced illegally. Barley, an essential ingredient in beer, is not grown everywhere. Taxes and poor supply chains drive up the cost of legitimate, safe products.

Some of the continents biggest brewing firms want to break into this potential market with safe and affordable alternatives. Brewers have lobbied for lower taxes to develop new products. However, other African nations are increasing taxes on alcoholic products.

Ordinary Africans view accessibility to alcohol as a basic right, regardless of income, and a safe alternative is needed.


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