A day in the life of Microsoft

Microsoft has been busy. Just off finding out Apple beat them as the top computer company, Microsoft releases Office 2010. Unfortunately, people seem to be too distracted pre-ordering their iPhone 4 to take notice of the product.

Microsoft intends to spend $80 million on marketing Office 2010. They have quite a mountain to climb. Google Docs is free, and Microsoft offers a free web version of Office. Will $80 million convince people to buy a $280 software product? Or, will they go order an iPhone instead?

Also, Microsoft is drawing attention away from itself with Kinect.

Kinect is Microsoft’s competition with Nintendo’s Wii. It allows you to play a game on your Xbox 360 without controllers. It’s a system that allows for full body play. A gamer stands in front of their Kinect and uses their hands, legs, arms, what have you, to control that action on the screen. Games are a sparse right now, but, with the promise of more to come, Kinect may open up a world that gamers thought only the Wii could offer.


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