Google vs. China Returns

For the past three months, Google has been redirecting Chinese searches to its uncensored Hong Kong search engine. The Chinese government claimed that this was unacceptable. China is now seeking to revoke Google’s license to operate in the country.

When Google moved all its China servers to Hong Kong, it complied with Chinese law. Now, China is in charge of blocking the search results rather than Google.

Google has offered a new approach. Now, anyone trying to attempt a Google search is taken to a “landing page”. By clicking anywhere on the page, they are once again redirected to the Hong Kong site. While that might seem no different, Google hopes that, because users are actively pursuing the Hong Kong site, China will concede.

Google’s license is up for renewal on Wednesday. The submission for renewal is based on this change. Once again, this boils down to an argument of ideology. Google refuses to self-censor; China does not want its population accessing information.

Needless to say, this is not the last we’ve heard from the Google/China debate.


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