Who’s really to blame for our slow response to the oil spill?

Who’s really to blame for our slow response to the oil spill?

Watching the drama unfold in the gulf-states has been at the very least heartbreaking. More so because much of what will happen to Louisiana in the wake of this disaster will affect many of my friends and family living in Southern Louisiana. We have a need to blame people, companies, executives, and administrations for the failures along the way that have led up to the largest ecological disaster in our Nation’s History. I don’t by mush stock in the whole eco terrorism conservancy theory that acts like President Obama drug his feet on purpose in the days following with the “It’s not my fault, it’s your mess, clean it up” attitude. Certainly his vibrato about trying to find out whose ass to kick made him appear to be a tough guy (all be it in a George W. Bush kind of way).

I think the blame for a slow response rests solely on the American people. Where was the outcry for support and help. When the world needs rescuing we fire up the phone lines and rush to help out. While there has been no hurricane (yet) or no earthquake, make no mistake, the damage from this disaster has ruined the livelihoods for thousands of families in the region. Distinct and unique cultures that thrive on the swamps, marches and bayous are now at a greater risk of cultural extinction as families will be forced to give up their way of life to move into the big cities and away from the coasts just to find a job.

As a society we have developed a chronic problem with blame shifting and failing to accept reality as we get handed it.  A person is not fat; they have a thyroid problem or an eating disorder. Children who do poorly in school despite testing well are not lazy; they’re just under achieving. Men do not bald; they are follicly challenged.  This nation has some tough days ahead, that is for sure. What we need going forward is a blunt, real look at the overall economic health and stability of our nation. If we get a bit of sobriety in our system, then maybe, just maybe we can begin to get our priorities straight again, look to healing the hurts and needs of our people and make progress on repairing our economy and nation once again. That is something all sides of Congress in Washington and local government’s alike can at least agree on.

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