The E-reader War heats up

Over the past few weeks, several developments have occurred in the e-reading world. Barnes and Noble’s Nook has dropped down to $199. For about a day, this was the cheapest 3G enabled e-book reader on the market.

Also, a wireless only version of the Nook is available, without 3G coverage, for $149.

Amazon hit back with a cut in Kindle’s price. The Kindle is now priced at $189.

Hold your horses, though. The price might continue falling. Some experts believe that e-readers may go as low as zero and bank on the e-books themselves to make up the cost.

Barnes and Noble has an e-reader application for PC’s, Macs, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry that is free to download.

Amazon offers the same for the Kindle.

The field is growing. While Barnes and Noble holds the number 1 spot of chain bookstores, Borders Group, Inc. is planning on launching an e-bookstore without launching an e-reader. The question, of course, would be what format will Borders embrace.

While the iPad has a myriad of functions that includes an e-reader, both the Kindle and Nook are primarily e-readers utilizing the E-ink display, a black-and-white, non-backlit screen. A color version of the E-ink display is in development, but will not be available on a functional unit until at least next year.


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  1. I hope the price continues falling.. I wouldn’t mind getting an e-reader. I’m pretty interested to see how common they become over time. Will they really replace books? Will kids think of a kindle before they think of a hard-bound paper book? I wrote about this recently and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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