Flight attendant scores epic win for customer service

If you’ve ever been in the customer service field, you understand. A JetBlue flight attendant was allegedly in an altercation with a passenger, grabbed a couple of beers and slid off a plane through the escape chute.

Steven Slater apparently had an altercation with a passenger who retrieved a bag from the overhead bin while the plane was still taxiing. If you’ve ever been on a plane before, you know you’re not supposed to do this. If you’ve never been on a plane before, they tell you that you’re not supposed to do this.

Slater has been released on bail, but believes he will lose his job. In an era when Southwest Airlines continues to get accolades as one of the best companies to work for, is it surprising that an airline has a disgruntled employee?

After the altercation, Slater got on the PA and said, “To the passenger who just called me a motherf—–: f— you. I’ve been in this business 28 years, and I’ve had it.”

Did Slater overreact? Yes, but the fact remains that he had to deal with people who treated him poorly. Is it any surprise that he snapped?

Now, the only problem will be keeping people from repeating his performance across the country.


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