Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a trying time for both management and employees. How do you survive a performance review?

This is a time to focus on what you and your employees can achieve in the future.

  1. Don’t focus on what they’re doing wrong. If all they do is wrong, then why do they still have a job with you? Every employee must be doing something right. Spend a little time on that.
  2. Develop performance criteria that you can apply to all your employees, not just a few. This makes it easier on you, but it also can find where some employees excel and where some don’t.
  3. Encourage self-review. You can see what your employees believe are their strengths and weaknesses. Your evaluations should be similar. If not, something is wrong.
  4. If your business is small enough, you may be able to avoid reviews by encouraging feedback and communication. Make sure everyone knows that performance is critical to success.

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