“The Declaration of Innovation”

With Independence Day and the 235th birthday of the United States right around the corner, it seems appropriate to celebrate a trait we Americans pride ourselves on…innovation.  For over 200 years many American businesses have eclipsed those abroad by delivering novel ideas and products.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) hopes to further stimulate American innovation by advocating legislation that would encourage innovation and return it to “to its rightful place at the center of America’s economic policy.”

CEA’s efforts include the publication of a book, The Comeback: How Innovation will Restore the American Dream by CEO Gary Shapiro, and the launch of “The Declaration of Innovation.”  At http://declareinnovation.com you are prompted to “add your John Hancock” and support policies to boost innovation in America.  Currently there are more than 132, 000 signatures supporting CEA’s movement.

The legendary American dream promises anyone with enough dedication and hard work the chance to do and be whatever they imagine.  Have you been inspired by the American dream?  This concept has encouraged many to create and produce the backbones of the American economy: the Wright brothers and the plane, Edison and the light bulb, Bell and the telephone, and Ford and the assembly line to name a few.

CEA argues that we need to rediscover innovation to grow our economy and obtain the American dream.  It is worth your time to visit “The Declaration of Innovation” site and read CEA’s argument.  Decide for yourself if the United States is beginning to lose sight of one of the characteristics that made us a superpower.

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