Serial Entrepreneurs – Too Many Ideas to Settle on One

Entrepreneurs can be seen on a bell curve.  Many entrepreneurs conceive one idea and devote all of their time and effort to this single venture.  Other entrepreneurs undertake a couple of business endeavors over their career.  Then there are serial entrepreneurs.  Serial entrepreneurs are the rare individuals who originate a wealth of pursuits and seem to jump from one business to another.

There are positive and negative aspects to being a serial entrepreneur.  Of course some people are brimming with brilliant money making ideas.  They may find they are able to make more money from involvement in multiple businesses than they would earn from engagement with one.  These individuals often need an outlet for their creativity as well and are only content when occupied with several projects.

Although being a serial entrepreneur can be financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating, the work of a serial entrepreneur can also be challenging and disappointing.  If you decide to launch more than one business make sure not to neglect any of your ventures.  Being a serial entrepreneur is time and attention consuming. Although it is often helpful to appropriate to others your responsibilities at different businesses, be aware of the involvement each project still needs.  In addition, know when it is the correct time to shut down a business.  Understand that many small businesses need a couple of years to get on their feet and take off, but don’t let your time and resources be drained by a pursuit that will never be lucrative.

Do you frequently find yourself brainstorming new and exciting business ideas?  You may have what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur.  With enough creativity, perseverance and luck you can start more than just one of your dream businesses.


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