To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Now that even the Pope and the President are tweeting it seems like people and businesses everywhere are jumping on the social media bandwagon, but a recent survey reveals that many small businesses have not embraced social media.

In May small business insurer Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. appointed Opinium Research LLP to interview 304 business owners and managers (all businesses had under 250 employees.)

Here are some of the stats on small businesses and social media that the study found:

A mere 4% of the small business owners and managers polled said they could not live without social media

  • Almost half of the interviewees do not use social media at all
  • Among companies that use social media 28% use Facebook, 8% have a blog and only 2% have a Twitter
  • Businesses in the study most commonly use social media for brand awareness and to increase sales

Almost every large company is incorporating social media into their business model these days, but apparently most small businesses are not.  Do you own or work for a small business that uses social media and does it work for you?  Let us know!


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  1. So you see Socialites the numbers we hear are not the numbers. Twittering is still very useful but not necessarily a great marketing tool. Applied to specific Task however twitter is great.

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