Who to Hire? The Savvy or the Experienced?

What is the average age of your recently hired employees?  If you run a small business the mean age may be higher than that of a large business.  Among the differences between big and small businesses is one most people don’t think of…who they hire.  A study from The Society for Human Resource Management shows that large businesses are significantly more likely to hire undergraduates and recent college graduates.

Human resource people at 350 businesses of varying employee size were surveyed about recent and future hiring decisions.  One-fifth of big firms with more than 2,500 workers said they plan to hire undergraduates in the next three months (companies were polled in April and May.)  Only 14% of firms with 500 to 2,499 employees said they have the same plans.  In comparison, only 4% of small businesses with 100 to 499 employees said they would hire recent graduates.

Employers surveyed were split when asked if job applicants fresh out of college offered more advantages than other applicants.  The survey found employers say the top advantage recent college graduates have is that they are “tech savvy.”  Other employers responded new graduates were often unqualified.

When you own a small business your hiring selections can be critical decisions.  You are going to look carefully at education, experience and other qualifications.  It can be concluded from this study that many small firms weigh experience more than tech knowledge, which is understandable when a small number of employees are responsible for the survival of your business.  When hiring for jobs concerning new technology, however, make sure you are aware of the knowledge and competency a recent college graduate may offer.


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