Google Launches Small Business Advertising Option

Google wants to work with small businesses.  This week Google launched AdWords Express, to make advertising on Google easier and more practical for local firms.

Companies without the tech support of large businesses will find the new guides for creating ads on Google simple and doable.  According to the website it takes mere minutes to produce an ad.  Google then operates and optimizes the campaign.

AdWords Express claims that only people who are interested in you services and goods and that are in areas you conduct business will see the ads.  Ads are placed next to search results for free, and you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

Google CEO Larry Page has said promoting advertising among small businesses is now a priority.   Options like AdWords Express make forms of advertising previously only available for big companies possible for small businesses.


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  1. Google Ads can be very productive for small business, and cost efficient too. The key is to have ads that bring you the clients you want. An ad that is too broad can be costly and not generate the right results so some thought has to be put into creating advertising that only attracts your qualified clients.

    I am glad to see google take this focus. It can help a lot of small business.

    • I think that only having to pay when someone clicks on your ad is very appealing to businesses with small advertising budgets. Google also allows you to set a budget, which many small companies should appreciate.

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