An Easy Way to Make Emails Personal and Effective

Stop sending those boring, non-personal emails that no one wants to read.  Grab recipients’ attention and favor with the use of information from their social media accounts.  Constructing a friendly and effective email to someone you have never met isn’t impossible, it’s actually incredibly easy with the use of Rapportive.

Rapportive is a Gmail add-on that can change your email communication.  Install the program to your Gmail and when you type an email address into the “To:” box Rapportive will search social media sites for activity.  Without leaving your email account you can find out about the recipient’s interests, activities, problems, etc.

“You can find ways to break the ice, topics to bond over and reasons to get in touch with people,” Rapportive CEO Rahul Vohra says.

Stand out from the crowd when you send emails, even to complete strangers.  Personal touches can make the difference between opening a new relationship with a customer and having your email be sent straight to the trash folder.  Try out Rapportive and see the difference a personalized email can make.


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  1. Making your e-mail personal is very good advice on effective communication. A couple of other thoughts to improve the effectiveness is to put a relevant subject in the subject line. Its the first thing people read, and its the headline for the communication. I often get confused when people change the subject in an e-mail chain but don’t change the subject line. This will often prevent someone from opening the e-mail thinking its an old topic or not relevant.

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