Does Your Business Have a “Mayor” Yet?

Four square isn’t just a game for elementary school students; it’s also a social network that can revolutionize your small business.  If you haven’t heard of Foursquare yet, it’s a service used by customers with GPS-enabled phones.  When an individual using Foursquare is in a store, restaurant, etc. that has a Foursquare business page they can “check in.”  Businesses can build customer loyalty by rewarding Foursquare users that check in with discounts and tips. Foursquare users can also become “mayor” and earn badges for checking into a venue often.

Until recently most small businesses couldn’t afford a Foursquare business page.  Before companies had to pay Foursquare’s in-house developers and designers to create a page. Now you can make your own page and it’s free!  If you have trouble Foursquare has a special support site for businesses.

Is your social media campaign lacking a Foursquare page?  Foursquare can reach out to consumers and build enthusiasm in ways that Twitter and Facebook can’t. Jump on the Foursquare wagon and make your business a page!


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  1. Four Square is in the news all the time so they are getting lots of traction. This offer for a free Four Square page is worth a try. If you your not familiar with it this would be a good time to check it out. Read up on it and develop a strategy for using it. More important to have a strategy than to just use it to be using it. For stories and ideas about four square visit

    • I know The Everything Internet Radio show has guests with great information on Foursquare and other social media tools. It’s so important to stay updated on social media, which is always changing.

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