Part-Time Workers Desirable Due To Steep Benefit Costs

If you’re hunting for a full-time job with no luck maybe it’s time to change what you’re offering.  You may have more luck applying for part-time positions. With business owners watching every dollar in a tough economy and fears about health costs, employers are increasingly likely to hire part-time workers who don’t ask for benefits.

Offering employees benefits is expensive, and is particularly unappealing to employers when the budget is especially tight.  Employers have seen healthcare costs rise in recent years and benefit packages can now cost an additional 20 to 28% on top of base salary.  Many employers have grown hesitant about offering benefits and as a result seek part-time workers who do not demand benefits.

The current economy is distressful for many small businesses as well as for the unemployed.  Although part-time work is unappealing to many job searchers, part-time workers are a more attractive option to employers than ever before.  Working part-time is also a great way to get your foot in the door at a company you wish to work full-time for.  If you’ve come up empty handed looking for full-time work give part-time a try, but beware you may need to go without benefits.


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  1. The idea of hiring part time workers is a growing trend. As you your blog post points out the benefits cost have risen to the point that hiring employees is just too costly for some companies. Which means they find a cheaper way to get things done or just produce less product. You would think that the law makers could figure this out. Its simple economics, if you burden the job creators with too much overhead they are not able to create jobs.

    For the worker part time is a good option and perhaps two part time jobs can equal a full time job. It would be good to see some ideas on supplying health benefits for individuals on direct basis.

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