Favorable Report on Banks

With all the economic turmoil on Wall Street recently it was nice to hear some good news from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation this week.  The F.D.I.C. reported that banks are doing better and there has been a recent growth in loans.

Bank failures dropped in the second quarter, bank profits rose, and fewer banks are troubled.  Many were also relieved to hear the F.D.I.C. say that for the first time in three years loan portfolios have grown.

The unsteady state of the stock market has made so many of us skeptical that there will be recovery in the near future.  Any good news, like the F.D.I.C.’s promising report on banks, is eagerly received.  Hopefully the improvements seen in banking will also be seen in our stock market, the US economy, and the world economy.


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  1. Banks should be doing great with all the fees they charge for things. They are becoming more like the airlines. Nickle and dime for everything. It would also be great if these healthy banks were able to make some riskier loans for start up efforts. Small business needs start up money. It is understood that the regulators don’t consider start up loans a good practice, but to get people back to work small business has to pick up the pace and needs a new type of loan to get things really moving. In any case it is a sign of good news that the Banks are doing better and that the FDIC is getting healthier too.

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