Few Employees Trust their Boss

Employees may not be as trusting as you believe.  Almost 2,000 employees were recently surveyed by Maritz and the majority of them said they are skeptical about their bosses’ values and decision making.

An astounding 86% of employees reported feeling that their company does not have the same values as them. A mere 10% of individuals in the study trust their managements’ decision making in hard times.  Employees’ attitudes have gotten worse along with the economy.  One-fourth of respondents have stopped trusting their employers in the past year.

Having employees trust you and your company is crucial to employee loyalty.  According to the study 27% of new employees, who have been working at their current job for less than six years,  say they are looking for a new job.  Reassure your employees of your values and priorities to ensure you are one of the few bosses trusted by employees.


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