Links on YouTube Have More Staying Power

Want the links you post to have staying power?  Links on Facebook and Twitter have a shorter “half life” than links shared on YouTube according to a study by link shortening service

A half life refers to, “The amount of time at which [a] link will receive half of the clicks it will ever receive after it reached its peak.”  According’s research, which examined the half lives of 1000 popular links, links on Twitter, Facebook, and links shared via email or IM had an average half life of three hours.  Meanwhile links posted on YouTube had an average half life of 7.4 hours.

According to’s study where you post links has an outcome on their staying power. If you only share links on Facebook and Twitter try out YouTube to extend the half lives of your links.


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  1. What a good piece of information. I had no idea that links had a life. Never really thought about it. Much less a half life of a link. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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