$50,000 Bonus for Five Years of Loyalty?

What are you willing to do or pay to keep your best employees around?  One small business owner, Dan Schneider the CEO and founder of SIB Development and Consulting, is offering his employees a $50,000 bonus if the stay for five years.

The Charleston, SC entrepreneur will reward any of his 30 employees the $50,000 bonus after five years at SIB Development and Consulting.   Schneider says he will reward employees of 25 years with $250,000 bonuses.  Not a bad deal for the company’s workers!

“In this day and age, there is nothing that makes people loyal to companies anymore,” said Schneider.  Except for maybe, he added, a $50,000 bonus.

Employee loyalty is crucial in every business, especially small businesses.  It can be difficult and apparently very expensive to ensure your employees will be faithful to you.  How much are you will to spend to keep you employees happy and dependable.


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