Small Business Dependent Communities Live Longer

Could having lots of small businesses in your area keep you thin, help you live longer, and avoid diabetes?  Sounds crazy, but a new study by LSU and Baylor University indicates a high concentration of small businesses correlates with all of the above.

The study examined over 3,000 communities in the United States.  In the counties and parishes that relied more on local businesses, as opposed to big-box businesses, people tended to be thinner, live longer, and were less likely to have diabetes.

“What stands out about this research is that we often think of the economic benefits and job growth that small business generate, but we don’t think of the social benefits to small communities.  This study highlights not only the economic benefits of small business, but its contributions to health and well-being,” said LSU professor Troy C. Blanchard, Ph.D.

At BIZ TV we love small business, which is why we bring you the information, tips, and inspiration you need for your small business.  It is no surprise to us that small businesses can improve the well-being of communities in addition to the economy.


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