More Jobs Created by Firms with Technology Specialty

Small businesses continue to create jobs in the U.S., but certain types of firms are hiring more new employees than others.  Recent studies found that small businesses with specialties in technology may create more jobs than companies in other fields.

One study, conducted by Brandeis University, reported that between 2001 and 2009 businesses that are technology intensive created jobs at a rate of 5.1%.  Meanwhile the total employment in rate in America dropped .5%.

The Technology CEO Council also recently released a study on technology businesses.  This study also points out the healthy amount of jobs being created by firms with technology specialities, but argues that businesses could expand faster with policy changes such as tax reform.

A very important factor in the U.S. job market is small businesses.  Every year small businesses continue to hire employees and create jobs.  According to recent reports, however, small firms with technology-intensive specialties may be creating the most jobs.


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