Most Hated Email Mistakes

Most of us way receive more emails than we care, or even have time, to read.  There are some emails no one ever wants to read, and you don’t want the emails you send to be one of those.  Make sure you avoid some of the common, and most hated, mistakes people make in emails.  Staples U.K. and OneStop polled 1,000 workers and found a few of the most universally annoying email mistakes:

– Over 60% of respondents said they do not trust individuals who use poor grammar in emails.

– Terms of Endearment: More than half said they can’t stand when emails include terms of endearment like “dear” or “sweetheart”

– The majority of workers polled said smiley faces and phrases like “omg” are inappropriate

– Almost 20% report they get annoyed when asked weekend plans in emails

What are your email pet peeves and do you agree with the results of the survey?




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