What Stresses Us Out

Most Americans are stressed at work.  That is no secret.  In fact 75% of Americans report being worried about work issues according to a Harris Interactive poll.  What are the biggest stressors for most Americans?  The Harris Interactive poll found the top eight issues that stress Americans on the job:

Low Pay: Low pay is the #1 reason Americans say they are stressed out at work

Co-Workers: 10% of workers report that co-workers make their job more difficult than any other factor

Commutes: 9% of respondents feel that their commute is the most annoying part of their job

Workload: 9% say they are stressed because of an unreasonable workload

Career Choice: 8% complain that they are not in the career field they want

Balance: 5% of those polled say they do not like their work-life balance

Opportunity: 5% of respondents report not having opportunity to advancement stresses them most

Bosses: 4% of Americans say their boss is their biggest worry


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