Rich and Famous Entrepreneurs

The 2012 Forbes list of the wealthiest individuals in America was released this week, and entrepreneurs are represented well in the ranking.  Combined the net value of everyone on the list is a whopping $1.7 trillion, the average net worth is $4.8 billion.

When you launch a startup, or are struggling to keep one afloat, it’s hard to imagine billions of dollars in the bank. However, 70% of the individuals on the list made their fortune from nothing.

The richest entrepreneurs on the list this year are Bill Gates (who added $7 billion to his bank account this year), Warren Buffet (who also earned $7 billion this year), and Larry Ellison (his net worth increased $8 billion.)

There are also lesser known entrepreneurs who made Forbes’ list.  For example, the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.  Or Manoj Bharvaga, who thought of 5 Hour Energy.

In fact, only a few on Forbes’ list inherited the riches in their bank account.  Check out the inspiring entrepreneurs on the Forbes Richest in America list next time you begin to doubt the future of your small business.


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