What WON’T be in Your Office in 5 Years

If you’ve been in the work force for awhile you may notice that your office has changed, and that new technology has replaced the old.  According to LinkedIn, offices will continue to change in the near future as trends change.  A recent LinkedIn survey asked workers what they expect to disappear from their offices in the next five years:

Copy Machines (13%)

Business Cards (15%)

Offices with Doors (16%)

USB Drives (17%)

Cubicles (19%)

Corner Offices (21%)

Formal Dress Codes (27%)

Desktop Computers (34%)

Desk Phones (35%)

Standard Hours (57%)

Rolodexes (58%)

Fax Machines (71%)

Tape Recorders (79%)

Have you already seen the disappearance of any of the above? Or do you disagree that any items on the list or here to stay?


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  1. Dress codes, and Roladex are gone in our office. Fax barely gets used, and tape recorders have all been sent to goodwill.

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