Storytelling Tips: How to Communicate your Message

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you know you have to tell your story. If you want people to come on board, be they investors, customers, or advocates, you can’t discount the role of storytelling.

So, how do you tell a story?

One of the things a story allows you to do is connect with your audience on a personal level. While not everyone can be Apple, let’s look at what connection they’ve made. Apple has become the brand synonymous with innovation and creativity. While Apple has certainly in popularity, it was once the underdog of the tech world, struggling to find it’s way against Microsoft and other big name PC companies. By making the personal connection with innovators and creative types, Apple was able to reach a group of people on a personal level. Here’s a look at how Apple communicated that message in 1997.

When you start to tell your story, don’t just wing it. You know why you’re standing in front of someone. They want something you have. Whether they’re looking to invest, buy something, or simply want to know what your deal is, you need to know what your audience wants and you need to make sure your agenda is something you’re communicating. Define YOUR goal before you start speaking so your purpose is clear in your mind.  No story is told in a vacuum. You meet your audience halfway.

Make sure your story is practiced, but don’t overdo it. Not every audience is the same and the same delivery won’t work with everyone. When you start speaking, know who you’re talking to. You know your business well enough to occasionally go off book. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, it happens to everyone. But, don’t ignore it either. Every time you tell your story, it gets better and you become more practiced.

Speaking of practice: do it! Tell your friends and family your story. Have them pretend they are investors or customers. Find out what works and what doesn’t. The more you tell your story, the more comfortable you’ll be telling it in a high pressure situation.

What are some of your storytelling tips? Leave them in the comments below.


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  1. This if great advice and something we all need to do. I think if I told my story better it would work help. I tell it but your suggestion to practice it is a good idea.

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