New Year, New Goals

We’ve talked about the to-do list and how to prioritize what you need as an entrepreneur. With the onset of the new year, we want to turn our attention to goal setting. Goal setting is the to-do list’s cousin.

Here are some tips on how to set your entrepreneurial and business goals for this year.

1. Take a look at last year’s goals.

What were the goals that you made last year? Were they too big? Too small? Not focused? Take note of what you achieved and what you didn’t. There may have been something that steered you in a different direction. Don’t worry if you didn’t make a goal list last year. This year, when you make your goals, make sure you keep them handy. You’ll want to refer to them at the beginning of next year.

2. Not all goals are created equal.

When you make a goal list, don’t just put down the big milestones you want to make. Set some smaller goals, too. Just like when applying for colleges, you want your reach goals, your makeable goals, and your safety goals. You don’t have to shoot for the moon on everything. Also, encourage your employees to voice their opinions on the goals. You aren’t the only one invested in your business.

3. Visibility

Keep your goals somewhere you can see them. Let your employees know where you want to the business to go. Don’t be afraid to celebrate a goal achieved. Everyone wants to know about a job well done. Be visible with your accomplishments to help propel you to the next one.

4. Flexibility.

Your business can be hit by unforeseen forces. You should be ready to go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to cross out a goal that’s no longer a goal. The beginning of the year isn’t the only time to make goals. Don’t be afraid to tack something else on your list or change a goal when you change.

How did you do on goal-setting last year? Was there anything you wish you changed? What are some of your goals for the new year?


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