Top Books for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But that doesn’t mean people haven’t tried. Today, we compile a list of some of our favorite books for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the entrepreneurial game for awhile, these are some books that will give you a different perspective to help you grow into a better entrepreneur.

1. The next big thingThe Next Big Thing: Top Trends from Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy by Today’s Trendsetting Business Leaders

The old adage states: “Driving forward while focusing on the rearview mirror will land you in an accident.” This also holds true in business. While it’s important to understand the past, the future is where the real opportunity lies. But how do you tell the difference between passing fads and profitable trends? The authors in this book aim to do exactly that. Forty-one leading experts across multiple industries have teamed up to share The Next Big Thing to help you profit in this new economy. The Next Big Thing is about looking forward to help you achieve success.
by Meg Cadoux Hirshberg
Balancing work and home life is a constant struggle. Meg Hirshberg, wife of Stonyfield Yogurt cofounder Gary Hirshberg, explores what it’s like to be stuck with a workaholic. It might give you the boost you need to take a break every once in awhile.
by Steve Blank
Well, here you go. An actual manual for building your company. Steve Blank is a startup veteran, working his way through several tech companies. The Startup Owner’s Manual is his guide to 10 years of startup experience.

Whether you’re launching a physical channel startup or one that will sell through web/mobile channels, on these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  •  Use the Customer Development method to bring your business idea to life
  •  Conduct your search for a scalable, profitable business model
  •  Incorporate the Business Model Canvas as the organizing principle for startup hypotheses
  •  Find Product-Market fit
  •  Get, Keep and Grow customers
  •  Fuel growth with metrics that matter
  •   Avoid the 9 deadly sins startups commit most often

The Startup Owner’s Manual lays out the best practices, lessons and tips that have swept the startup world, offering a wealth of proven advice and information for entrepreneurs of all stripes.

by Mike Michalowicz
Mike Michalowicz has a touch of rags-to-riches in his background. He moved his family into a retirement home and slept in conference rooms when he couldn’t afford the hotels. He sums up his business experience in The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, proving the self-made spirit is essential.
Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this for years, Mike’s “get real” approach to business is a much-needed swift kick in the pants. In this book, you’ll discover:
* Why a business plan is a total waste of your time.
* Why fulfilling your own needs is the first and last order of business.
* Which three sheets of paper you need to successfully launch, manage and grow your business.
* How to get started in business with little or no money.
* How to find and exploit resources that no one else knows about.
* How to stop procrastinating and take action NOW!

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