Technology Overload in the Land of the Entrepreneur

Technology Overload in the Land of the EntrepreneurToday, we’re inundated with advice on how to upgrade our business to the 21st century. Everyone’s on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp. Sources are yelling at us to be mobile, to be social, to be local. There’s always something new: Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat.

While all these things are tools that a business can use to find customers, you can easily get overloaded with the minutiae of connectedness. Take a breath. Here are some ways to deal with the social overload when it comes to your business.

1. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time.

Some social networks might not work for you. If you sell factory grade wood, you probably won’t find your clients on Twitter. You need to find the place where your clients are looking for you. Don’t get overwhelmed by that statement. You don’t need to go out and do tons of research. First and most important for your connectedness is to build a website with your name on it. Make sure you include a contact page for people looking to connect.

If your customers start asking you if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, maybe then you can take some time to figure out those platforms.

2. See what others are doing.

You aren’t alone in your business. Other people have done what you’re doing. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you see that similar businesses are putting themselves up on Yelp, you should take a minute or two to see if that’s working for them. You might get some new leads by following someone else’s lead.

3. Think outside the box

Contrary to #2, maybe what people did before just doesn’t cut it. If you have a plan on using Pinterest or Instagram in a way that your competitors haven’t, maybe that will give you the edge. Just remember it will take up your time to maintain the plan that you enact. Don’t start something you won’t have time to finish.

4. Relax

You aren’t behind on getting your business connected. Your social media campaign can make or break your business. Or it might not. Spreading the word is only part of your mission as a small business owner and entrepreneur. You still need to make the product you believe in.

5. It’s not a miracle

There’s something that social media evangelists and writers have in common: they are always talking about the anomaly, the one thing that struck it big against all odds. The blogger who got the book deal, the Twitter account that got the television show, the Facebook page that found a lost dog. While these stories are great examples of the power of social media, they aren’t necessarily the norm. Don’t pin all your hopes and dreams on a really cool blog post or a great Twitter account. You aren’t missing your miracle.

Are you suffering from social media overload? What are your strategies with dealing with it?


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  1. I recently took a social media Fast. I just put my phone down turned off my I Pad and decided not to look at them for a specified time. That lasted four hours. But I did go to an isolated Caribbean island for a week and had no connections. It was great. So I recommend from time to time just take a fast from all media. You will be surprised how you feel. A little isolated, but also a lot less tense.

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