The Future Is Here

Think everyone and their brother knows someone who has a tech startup somewhere? You wouldn’t be wrong. Tech startups seemed to be a big trend for entrepreneurs over the last few years. Everyone wanted to carve out their own piece of the processor, the web, the world of technology. Was it like the dotcom bubble? Will the tech startup bubble burst?

We have yet to see what happens to all these tech industry startups. The world of business is like evolutionary theory. The strongest survive, those that adapt, move forward to the next stage.

It appears there’s a new trend up and coming: asteroid mining. Deep Space Industries has unveiled a plan to launch a fleet of spacecraft to hunt for small asteroids coming close to Earth and mining them for resources. DSI said FireFly and DragonFly probes could hitch a ride into space on the launches of large communications satellites.

The final plan is land a spacecraft on an asteroid, scrape up materials, and either process the material in space or sell it back on Earth.

While this is exciting for the future of space exploration and civilian space missions, another interesting aspect of this story is that Deep Space Industries is the SECOND company to unveil asteroid mining plans. That’s right. Not only do we have a company attempting to mine asteroids; we also have a competitor.

Planetary Resources, backed by none other than Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, also revealed plans for mining passing asteroids. And, they have film-maker James Cameron on board.

Deep Space Industries is still calling for investors, so if you’re looking for something to invest in…why not asteroid mining?

The goal is to find highly valuable materials that are dwindling on Earth. Most experts agree if this is possible as a business, there needs to be great advances in the technology by 2015.

So, if you’re tech startup might help land spacecraft on an asteroid, this might be the edge on the market you were looking for.

How much would you pay for a genuine asteroid chunk? Would you consider investing?


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  1. Can’t wait. Also, is the startup bubble burstable? Wouldn’t we just keep jumping on newer and newer techs and wouldn’t all of the interest in the field accelerate that growth? Guess it could be only good in theory, we’ll see eventually. Space, please come to earth soon.

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