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Everyone knows that starting a business and keeping it running isn’t easy. So, how can a new entrepreneur start a venture without a guide? We have a way.

LeapZone Strategies is a website dedicated to providing small businesses with the resources they need to get up and going.

The LeapZone team has spent 10 years successfully helping businesses create and manage their brand identity through the vehicle of an award-winning business called Scenario Design. After many years, they discovered that their underlying need to dig deeper, beyond the external business communications, was growing. They felt that brand identity, although very important to business success, was only scratching the surface, and soon realized that a business focused on and known for that alone was no longer fulfilling their purpose. By 2005, they decided that the right thing to do was to merge Scenario Design with an existing, successful, and very talented creative firm.

Margarita Romano

Margarita is a visionary strategist, processor, business owner, systems engineer, creative writer, fanatical problem-solver, and one of the best selling authors of the business and marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy. She loves to step in on a strategic level to provide a different perspective, and to help uncover and clarify purpose and direction. Defining a business’ brand is her business, and making complicated things simple, is her passion. She has a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and moved to Vancouver in 1994 to work in the film industry. From 1996 to 2006 she co-owned and operated an award-winning creative firm called Scenario Design, that helped companies raise their business standards and re-define their industries through innovative brand development and forward thinking communication tools.

After selling Scenario Design in 2006, she took a well-deserved year off to explore the world, and came back stronger than ever to become co-founder of LeapZone Strategies. Margarita’s extensive hands-on experience with brand development and management, and systems creation and implementation, along with finely-tuned listening skills and a rejuvenated passion for life, make her determined to help entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams succeed. Still in Vancouver, she is an avid Sudoku Solver, wildly passionate about horses, and may often be found walking her dog in this fantastic city.

Isabelle Mercier Turcotte

As a brand builder, business performance catalyst, and one of the best selling authors of the business and marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy; Isabelle’s sole purpose is to empower change and growth. “Momentum Generator” is her middle name and she has a relentless passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners raise the bar and expand their comfort zone to create outstanding brand experiences.

Isabelle’s biggest strength is her no BS approach and ability to tell it like it is. She has the “Simon Cowell” edge and is not afraid to tell people what to do and how to do it. She is an inspirational speaker, a captivating storyteller, and has an unquenchable enthusiasm for life. She is consistently leading-edge in facilitating change, and her undeniable track record and authentic connection with people, has gained her worldwide influence and recognition.

Isabelle co-founded her first business venture a few years out of her teens, which quickly escalated to become one of Canada’s most awarded branding and creative firms; from prestigious international design awards to national entrepreneur of the year. Isabelle was a true pioneer in branding, and to this day still continuously re-establishes the way people do business.

Throughout her career, Isabelle has had the opportunity to help hundreds of small business owners, as well as some influential brands such as A&W, Robeez Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMAX Corporation, and HSBC Investments. She was instrumental in helping raise their business standards and redefine their industries through outstanding business strategies and forward-thinking communication tools.

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience in branding and business growth, as well as extensive learnings from traveling the globe, Isabelle is determined more than ever to help small business owners all over the world, catapult their way to massive success.

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