Create a Marketing Plan

You have it. A great idea. A great team. Some investments. You’re ready to move forward with your venture. But here’s a something to look for on your to-do list:branding

A marketing plan.

If you went ahead and made a business plan, why would you leave marketing up to fate? Entrepreneurs are planners and your marketing platform should be no exception.

Here are somethings to keep in mind when writing your marketing plan.

1. Find your personality.

You probably aren’t Apple (you might be the next Apple, but you aren’t Apple yet), but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them. One of the turning points for Apple was the “Think Different” campaign. At the time, it seemed like a reaction to the IBM “Think” campaign. In both cases, the campaign goes deeper than a feud. These two brands found slogans that associated with their identities.

Find you identity and tell people what it is. Think? Think different? Imagine? Imagine greater? What do you stand for and how can you tell people in your marketing campaign?

2. Find you context.

What surrounds you in your market? Who are your competitors and what stands in your way? What can best help you to grow? Don’t ignore the context that surrounds you. Integrate it into your marketing campaign.

Make a list of people who work with your competitors. These people might be open to you and your business at some point. Identify your target market.

3. Unite personality and context.

This is where you start to formulate your strategy. If you’re business is primarily B2B (business to business), you don’t want to focus your efforts on something that is primarily B2C (business to consumer). Can you make contacts with other businesses on Twitter? Sure! There’s a symbiosis there.

Can you find other businesses on Facebook? Less likely. Facebook is almost primarily a B2C platform. Focusing your efforts there wouldn’t be the best use of resources. Make sure you’re reaching the people you need to reach.

4. Take action

This one’s self-explanatory. Don’t make a plan if you aren’t willing to take action. Give yourself deadlines, goals, achievements. Measure your success.

5. Evolve.

Your plan looks good from here and that’s great! But don’t sit back on your heels. With the Internet, everything seems to be moving at an alarming rate. Today’s Gangnam Style is tomorrow’s Harlem Shake. Your business plan is a place to start, but it isn’t the ending. Keep moving forward.

What do you put in your marketing plan? If you’ve never made one, what is most daunting? Share in the comments!


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