Working with Your Employees

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have employees looking to you for guidance, motivation, and direction. The entrepreneurial journey can be easier with the right team behind with you. So, what are some ways to work with your team?

We’ve got some ideas right here:


Your employees are part of your team and you wouldn’t head into the big game without some practice first. You should invest training in your employees. Find out what their skills are and what they want to develop. That investment will come back to you.

Defining Goals

We posted awhile back about setting goals for your business. You shouldn’t ignore your employees when it comes to goal setting. Find out where they want to go. They might have a perspective on the business that you never considered. They also might have goals of their own. Having focus is helpful to your entire crew.

Get to know them

I’ve been through my fair share of team building exercises. It’s the fast track for trust. Sometimes. While those crash courses might work at college orientation, they don’t always work in a business situation. Do take some time to get to know your staff. Take a lunch. Get a water cooler. Do something to break the ice.


You need to include your employees in where your company is going. Discussing goals with them is one thing. You want to keep them up on developments, changes, and hurdles. Employees can get anxious when it feels like the company is headed off the rails. Consider weekly or monthly meetings to catch everyone up on the latest developments.

Again, you want to keep in mind that you are surrounding yourself with a team. You can tell them which plays to run, but they’re the ones out on the field. When things start to shift, they need to be able to read the field.


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