Bumping up your Business Referrals

We all know that 66% of sales are through word of mouth. We didn’t all know that? We all know that now. Take a look at your Friendsmarketing plan. How much of that is targeting word of mouth outlets? How much of that is getting the business referral?

We have some tips for taking happy customers to happy, referring customers:

1. Ask for it

I know this sounds straight forward and the truth is, it is. But one of the big things that companies and businesses forget to do is ask their customers to refer them to others. But don’t just ask. Research has shown that there are good times and bad times to bring up the referral. For instance, a customer might not want to hear you asking for something when you’re handing them the bill. When you’re almost done and you’ve shown you are a company on deadline, doing a good job, mention that you’re open for submission. Maybe even ask if they know anyone looking for someone like you.

2. Remind them

Depending on the business, you should keep in touch with your clients and customers after the job. Remind them on occasion that you’re open for referrals. Keep the avenues open.

3. Ask for indirect referrals

Word of mouth has spread online. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List are becoming more and more influential. Get your name up there. On your website, make sure you link to your pages on that site. Ask your customers to review you. The more you get your name out there, the better. And don’t forget to do some of the work for them by making links easily accessible.

4. Use established connections

Are you on LinkedIn yet? If you answered no, that’s the wrong answer. LinkedIn is the social networking site for businesses. While some people just think it’s another Facebook, it isn’t. LinkedIn allows you to see who connects you to whom. If you want to meet the president of a company, it’s possible that you know someone who knows them. Ask for an introduction. If you feel shy about it, send them a note through LinkedIn to show them where you saw the connection.

5. Reward them

You know the drill. Refer three people about our company and get 10% off your next oil change. Okay, it doesn’t have to be an oil change, but you know the drill. Set up a reward program for referrals. Make it simple without a lot of red tape or loopholes and your customers will be happy to participate.

6. Give them something to talk about

Set up a spot on your web page that answers FAQ’s about your business. Your customers can check on those to see how they should answer questions when referring you.

You have the connections out there already. The hard part is remembering to ask.

How do you reach out for referrals? Share with us in the comments below.


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