5 Easy Ways to Improve SEO

SEO. What is it? Why does everyone keep saying it? What does it mean?Ways to Improve SEO

It’s not so mystifying. In fact, many of you probably know what it means already: Search Engine Optimization. When someone has SEO’d your website, they have made it look good for the bots used by search engines (they call it crawling). See, search engines scan your entire website for keywords, which they then use to help rank you in order of the search.

While it’s always a plus to have a SEO specialist take a look at your webpage (or even help you develop it), there are steps you can take to improve your results.

Today, we bring you some easy, quick thinks you can to to improve your ranking in search engines.

1. Don’t use underscores in your URL

When formatting your site, your URL might look a little like this:


Notice the hyphens in “create-a-marketing-plan?” Those hyphens separate the words and make it easier for the bots to distinguish it as a phrase. With underscores “create_a_marketing_plan,” you can confuse the bots into thinking it’s all one word. This doesn’t help you catch those people looking for a marketing plan. You only get the ones looking for a marketingplan.

2. Trim the fat

In page titles, blog titles, etc. do what you can to get rid of what are known as Stop Words. Stop words are words like: I, the, it, and what. You can’t always get rid of these, so try to keep them away from the phrases you are trying to focus on. In the previous example, the phrase we want to focus on is “marketing plan.” Now, I suppose I could have gotten rid of the “a,” but you don’t want to sound like a cave man. In short, don’t slapdash a title. There might be a better way to say it.

3. Identify your keywords

If I’m writing about a marketing plan, I don’t want to change how I talk about it halfway through my article. In this way, I’m showing the bots that what I’m saying is focused on those keywords or key phrase. If I called it an advertising plan, an outreach, a marketing platform, or any of these other keywords, it takes away from the SEO strength of the article. Pick a keyword and stick to it.

4. Use Alt and Title attributes in your images

When you insert an image, you are allowed have label your images. In HTML format, it looks like this:

title="your title here" alt="your alt tag"

If I have an image in my marketing plan post, the image should have those tags labeled “marketing plan.” This is the most sneaky thing on this list. You’re hiding the keyword somewhere the reader won’t necessarily see, but the bots will.

5. Add a site map

A site map is just another thing for the bots to look at. It’s your page distilled down to its most important keywords, titles, and tags. Don’t have a site map? Here’s a page that will help you create one.


Now, go out there and update!

How do you approach SEO? Have you found any tips? Leave them in the comments below!


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