Entrepreneurs turned Politicians

While he didn’t announce his candidacy, Jack Dorsey has expressed an interest in running for mayor of New York some day. If you aren’t familiar with Dorsey, he helped co-found Twitter. He also had a hand in founding Square. You know. That little white box attached to the iPad Mini in all those new coffeeshops that you swipe your credit card through.

Jack Dorsey wants to be NYC Mayor

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey

Dorsey is valued at around $1 billion dollars, but he wouldn’t be New York’s first billionaire mayor.

Mayor Bloomberg, New York’s current mayor, will be exciting his post on Jan. 1, 2014. Dorsey did not say he would be looking to enter the race then. Bloomberg has had some questionable laws passed, including the large soda ban that was overturned by the judicial system last week. On the positive side, New York’s population has reached an all time high. Bloomberg is also a former entrepreneur.

As far as Dorsey’s experience is concerned, Square was started in 2010 and now has 400 employees and a partnership with Starbucks. Twitter surpassed the 200 million user mark in December.

In January, John Catsimatidis, owner of the Gristedes grocery chain, announced his candidacy for mayor. Brian Sullivan, the founder and creator of PUR water filter, ran for governor of Minnesota. Founding father, inventor, and entrepreneur Benjamin Franklin didn’t mind throwing his hat into the political ring. Even Mitt Romney had an entrepreneurial background. And, probably the biggest name in entrepreneurs turned politicians, is Ross Perot. Perot founded EDS and then Perot Systems before his run for the presidency.

Many say that small business owners and entrepreneurs represent the American spirit. The entrepreneur is often seen as someone with a can-do attitude, a head for innovation, and an almost stubborn dedication to their vision. Is there something politicians and entrepreneurs share? Or are entrepreneurs drawn to an ideal? Whatever the reason, America has a long tradition of entrepreneurs turned politicians and that isn’t about to change.

What do you think? Do entrepreneurs make good politicians? Will the city of New York adopt Jack Dorsey as quickly as everyone else adopted Twitter?


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