Tips to Write a Press Release

Let’s say you’ve started your business. A mom and pop store. A coffee shop. An app development company.

Whatever the case, you’ve got money and you’re rolling. Now, it’s time to the tell the world that you’re here, How to Write a press releaseyou’ll grow, and you’re raring to go. One way to spread your message is a press release.

A press release is a news story written in the third person (that’s “he” and “they” instead of “I” and “we”) that is meant to pique the interest of journalists and editors by demonstrating the newsworthiness of your information. Here’s some things that a press release is NOT:

  • Talking about yourself and how great you are
  • Full of quality judgements (you need to appear impartial)
  • An advertisement

You want to show that you are an expert in what you do. You want to help a journalist write a story, not a human interest piece.

Here are some tips.

How to Write a Press Release

1. Make it newsworthy

Remember how I said above that you are demonstrating the newsworthiness of your information? If you don’t have something newsworthy, you don’t have a press release. If you have to, find an angle. Why is your business important? What have you brought to the table (not qualitative; quantitative). This is not a place to talk about your customer service. For the app developer, talk about the app you’ve developed. For the mom and pop store, tell them about your roots in the community and how you’re helping bring jobs to the area.

Look at the word: Newsworthy. Is your press release discussing something that’s new?

2. Keep it short

Press releases aren’t longer than a page. They’re usually half a page. Trim the fat.

3. Give it a headline

When you put up a press release, you put it in a place for reporters to find. Give it a snappy, catchy headline that will make them choose you. Try to keep that snappy catchy stuff up in the front, too, but focusing on a strong first paragraph. I would usually front load the first paragraph with the most important information. The second or last paragraphs would get a quote from within the company or a brief company history (like “started in 2005…). Even that company history was kept less than three sentences.

Remember these key tips when you write your press release. You are informing the audience of your business’s news. Once you have your press release written and PROOFREAD, you’re ready to send it out.

Here’s a list of sources that will distribute your press release. Most of them require that you subscribe to a service, so you may want to take that into consideration before you pay for your release.

What are your press release tips? Share them here.


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  1. Put the who, what, where, when, why in the very first paragraph. Save the how for paragraph 2.

  2. This is great go-to advice for getting started on writing a press release! If you’re a business who wants to tackle one themselves, all the little nuisances to a good PR can be overwhelming. Like you said, I think it’s most important to keep it newsworthy and keep it short. You have to write to the reporter, not your customers – in hopes that a reporter will pick it up and help you reach your customers!

  3. Press releases help entrepreneurs focus their thoughts. By drafting a good release a succinct story helps to crystallize the ideas behind it.

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